10ft Dry Van CONTAINER

Purchase or rental of Dry containers is extremely suitable for storage of dry goods. Dry containers can also be used for transport by truck, rail or ship. Dry containers can be supplied in both new and used condition. CTL-ICS B.V. always has a large amount of containers available for pick up, all located at our own Arctic Depot in Rotterdam. All container equipment inspected by CTL-ICS B.V. has a valid CSC and ACEP which comply with the international conditions.

10ft Dry containers are the smallest in the series. These containers are often used for storage at smaller locations or as a workshop. 10ft Dry containers can only be purchased in used condition. Looking for more information or do you want to buy a 10ft Dry container? Contact us!

Length 2840mm
Width 2350 mm
Height 2393 mm
Length 2991 mm
Width 2200 mm
Height 2591 mm
Width 2342 mm
Height 2280 mm
Tare weight 1300 KG
Net weight 6700 KG
Max Gross weight 8000 KG
Cubic content (in m³) 16 m³
  • Cargoworthy CSC plated
  • Wind-watertight
  • Steel container
  • Double container doors
  • Wooden container floor

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