45ft High Cube Pallet Wide Insulated container

An insulated container or ex-reefer is a reefer container in which the cooling machine has been replaced by a sandwich panel. A steel plate has been mounted to protect the sandwich panel, which also ensures a sleek appearance. Looking for an insulated container? CTL-ICS B.V. always has a large amount of containers available for pick up, all located at our own Arctic Depot in Rotterdam. All container equipment inspected by CTL-ICS B.V. has a valid CSC and ACEP which comply with the international conditions. This all to guarantee your goods to be stored safely. Insulated containers can be used for transport and storage at local companies, during events or during transport by train, car or ship.

45ft High Cube Pallet Wide insulated containers are the largest available. With a length of approximately 13 meters and an extra-wide interior, this container can store 33 euro pallets. 45ft High Cube Pallet Wide insulated containers are always fitted with a flat floor, which makes it easy to load cargo with pallet trucks or trolleys. Interested in a 45ft High Cube Pallet Wide insulated container? Contact us for the possibilities!

Length 13556 mm
Width 2440 mm
Height 2695 mm
Length 13716 mm
Width 2500 mm
Height 2896 mm
Width 2420 mm
Height 2584 mm
Tare weight 4860 KG
Net weight 29140 KG
Max Gross weight 34000 KG
Cubic content (in m³) 89 m³
  • Sandwich panel as replacement for Reefer cooling machine
  • Steel plate as protection of sandwich panel
  • Cargoworthy CSC plated
  • Wind-watertight
  • Aluminium T-floor
  • Original containerdoors
  • Stainless steel inside
  • Fully repainted

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