45ft High Cube Pallet Wide reefer

A reefer container, is an insulated container which is equipped with a cooling machine. This allows it to be used to keep your goods at a preset temperature. Looking for a suitable container? CTL-ICS B.V. always has a lot of reefer in stock located at Arctic Depot Rotterdam. Reefer containers are used for transport and storage of food, chemicals and other temperature sensitive goods. Reefers are available with various cooling machines, including Carrier, Thermoking, Daikin or Starcool. All refrigerated containers inspected by CTL-ICS B.V. have a valid CSC, ACEP and PTI, which comply with the international conditions. This all to guarantee your goods to be stored safely and in a controlled manner.

45ft High Cube pallet Wide reefers are the largest available. With a length of approximately 13 meters and an extra-wide interior, this container can store 33 euro pallets. 45ft High Cube Pallet Wide reefers are always fitted with a flat floor, which makes it easy to load cargo with pallet trucks or trolleys. Interested in a 45ft High Cube Pallet Wide reefer? Contact us!

Length 13148 mm
Width 2441 mm
Height 2583 mm
Length 13716 mm
Width 2550 mm
Height 2896 mm
Width 2440 mm
Height 2570 mm
Tare weight 6050 KG
Net weight 27950 KG
Gross weight 34000 KG
Cubic capacity (in m³) 83 m3
  • Machinery Carrier, Thermoking, Daikin & Starcool
  • P.T.I. certificate (Pre Trip Inspection)
  • Cargoworthy CSC plated
  • Wind-watertight
  • Aluminium T-floor
  • Original containerdoors
  • Stainless steel inside
  • 380V 4 or 5 pins connection
  • Temperature setting -25 to +25 degrees celcius
  • Fully repainted

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