20ft Flatrack flushfolding

Flat Rack containers are often used for transport of special and/or large types of cargo, which is loaded from the side of or from above. 20ft Flat Rack containers have open sides and foldable walls. Prior to delivery, all containers are inspected and repaired. This all comply with the international conditions as CSC and ACEP. Looking for a 20ft Flat Rack container? Contact us!

Length 5570 mm
Width 2210 mm
Height 2210 mm
Length 6,058 mm
Width 2,438 mm
Height 2,591 mm
Tare weight 3050 KG
Net weight 27430 KG
Max Gross weight 30480 KG
Cubic content (in m³)
  • Cargoworthy CSC plated
  • Steel container
  • Wooden or steel container floor

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